Don't regret what you've done

Don't regret what you've done cause there is no chance for you anymore.

Hi, Hello, Konichiwa, Guten Tag, Ssup, Salam, Ni hao, Bonjour xx How's your day today?
Today i would like to share you about a story. Read it silently.

Once upon a time, there's a girl live alone in the jungle. Her parents died when she was a baby. When she was a child, her grandparents raised her until they died & she was ten years old. Her grandpa died in an accident & her grandma had a heart attack when she heard that her husband died in an accident. So, this girl take a good care of herself, alone. She's independent girl. She likes gardening. She also has a beautiful & nice garden at the frontyard of her house. She loves roses. Her grandma told her "Be like the roses. It's very beautiful to see but we can't take it easily." oh god, she miss her grandma so much. 

One fine day, when she is gardening, there is a man with injured on his face suddenly apppears & goes toward her house and ask for a help "please help me!" After a second, the man faint. She scared. She doesn't know him. Many question appears to her mind, "who is this guy?" "where he comes from?" "why should i help him?" & most importantly is "how's he know my house?" arghhh! she stop thinking & started to help him. She takes him to her bed. She takes some herbs to recover his injured. She did it with focus & she remembered what her grandpa told her about herbs. She's laying on her grandma's bed since the man sleep on her bed. She doesn't mind about it. She just wondering how could he come to this jungle.

The next morning, she wakes up a little bit late. She quickly goes to the kitchen & she forget about the man. She wanted to make some breakfast but the guy has already in the kitchen. He make a breakfast. He look her & suddenly smile "Good morning, beautiful. It's a good day isn't? Come & join me" he said. The girl looked shocked & then she remembered that this guy was in her house yesterday. Then, she asked him 'who are you? Why do you came here? Where're you from? Get out from here!' said the girl.

'Have a breakfast & we talked about this later. Come, sit here' said the guy and the girl was suspicious for the first time but she was soooo hungry so they had a breakfast together. She continues gardening after she've done her breakfast & left the guy. That guy followed her & looked her silently. The girl doesn't feeling good & asked him 'why do you look at me like that, huh?!' The guy said 'oh, nothing. By the way, i'm Kashaf'. She keep silence & told herself to be quiet. She doesn't know what to say. The guy tried anything to make that girl talk to him. 'Okay, to be honest i lived in the town near this jungle. I ran from someone. She forced me to marry her. I can't marry with someone that i don't love so i drove my car away until i saw this jungle. I came to this jungle & left my car besides the road. I'm looking for shelter as it already evening. Then i saw your house. I realized that something follows me & it is a tiger. I'm afraid then i ran towards your house & get injured haha' said the guys. 

'So, do you trust me? I won't hurt you. I just need a shelter for a few days. Can you help me?' asked Kashaf with a big hope. 'Thankyou for that explaintation. I trust you but i have a question' said that girl. 'yes, what is it?' 'what is love? can you explain it to me?' said that girl. 'Hahahahahahaah you're so funny' Kashaf laugh so hard. That girl was like 'i mean it & i'm not making any jokes'. Kashaf stop laughing & said 'opps, i tought you're joking' hmmm Kashaf silent for a second & he said 'Love is a part of your life. We will happy if we find someone that we love. No cries, no cheats, no lies, no heart breaks. Love is like a shadow. When you chase it, it will ran away. When you turn back and walk away, it follows you' said Kashaf.

'oh really? my granparents never told me abot it' 'seriously? so, where are they?' asked Kashaf. 'They died when i was a kid' 'oh, sorry to hear that. em lets not talk about this anymore. so, can i know what's your name?' 'Maya' said the girl. 'wow, nice name' said Kashaf. She smiles. They live together day by day. Kashaf never think & wanted to go home He looked happy here, with Maya. He falls in love with.....Maya. They getting closer & don't want lose each other. They make their days with full of happiness & sweet memories. 

One day, Kashaf asked Maya, 'have you fall in love with someone?' 'what? like seriously?! hahaha i never see a man as i lived in this jungle. How come i can fall in love?' 'Am i a first guy that you see in your life?' asked Kashaf. 'Indeed, sometimes i a little bit afraid to be with you but i fell safe when i'm with you' 'em, i think i know how to make you fall in love with someone' said Kashaf. 'huh?' Maya doesn't understand. 'hold on' Kashaf find some flowers and make it as a beautiful ring. 'what is this?' asked Maya. 'It is a ring' Kashaf answered. 'for what?' asked Maya again. 'as a symbol of love. once you wear it, you can't throw it away. promise me?' asked Kashaf. 'promise' Maya smile. They are doing everything together since that. They started to fall in love with each other. They hard to fall apart even for a second. They cooked together, watched a beautiful stars at night together and many more. They make their own memories together. Maya is not alone as before and Kashaf has found his love, and she is Maya. They completed each other. Until one day...

As she woke up in the morning, she looked for Kashaf. He was not around there. Kashaf was missing! She looked up at every single places in the house but he's not there. She decided to go to the river nearby which is their favourite place. Kashaf is not there! 'Where's Kashaf? He never left me like this. Where is he go?' Maya started to cry. Day by day, she's waiting for Kashaf. She wanted Kashaf to come back home. She wants him. Only him. Now, Maya know how painful she is when she miss someone that she love, Kashaf. She can't sleep, she can't eat, she can't do anything. She lost her hopes. She cried every night & still waiting for Kashaf. She still remembered their moment when Kashaf asked her 'What do you feel when i left you in sudden?' 'What?! Why?! No! You can't leave me' said Maya loudly. Maya started to cry. She asked Kashaf 'do you want to leave me?' 'no dear, it's not what i mean. i'm just asking. i'm sorry because ask you that question. i won't asking you that question anymore & i won't leave you' said Kashaf. Maya can't describe her feeling so she asked Kashaf to promise her that he won't leave her, 'promise me you won't leave me' Kashaf smiles and hugs Maya tightly.

It's been a year Kashaf missing & Maya lost her hopes. Maya already move on. She came out from the jungle & tried to start a new life. She went to the town. For the first time, she doesn't know anything about the town but she tried hard as she can & she found a job as a florist. She was happy with her first & new job. She is a hardworking person. Her boss, Diana likes her attitude very much cause she gives her best on her work. Diana started & learn to open the shop because of  her parents. Her parents wanted the best for her so they give her some supported. Maya and Diana became a best friend. They share same hobbies; gardening & cooking. Diana decided to make Maya as her bussiness partner of her shop. Maya can't believe it & thanked Diana. She cried & hug Diana tightly.

One day, Diana asked Maya to come to her house, 'Maya, why don't you come to my new house this weekend? My parents bought it as a present for my marriage.' 'sure, why not?' Maya answered. Maya comes to Diana's house with a bouquet of flowers. 'Thanks for coming Maya. Have a sit. I'll make some drinks for you.' While Diana is busy at the kitchen, Maya just wanted to look around the house. 'Wow! This house were so amazing, nice & comfortable' said Maya. Then, she looks at one of the picture of Diana & her husband. Maya shocked when looking at the picture. Unbeliveable. Is that true? Is that him? A person who i love so much & i miss so much.....Kashaf.

'What's the matter Maya? You look shocked' asked Diana with a cup of tea. 'Is he your husband?' asked Maya while she hold the picture. 'Yup, he's handsome isn't? Everyone said the same thing' said Diana & she laugh. 'Oh yes, indeed' said Maya. She wanted to cry. 'oh ya, btw my husband is at upstairs. wait! i call him. Honey!' said Diana loudly. 'Never mind, i have to go right now' Maya quickly ran away and goes to the place that she had left for many years.....the jungle. Her first house. When she arrived at her old house, she go to the river nearby. She miss everything. She miss their moments. She miss his laugh, his smile, his voice, his cute face & many more.She cried & shouted loudly. She doesn't tought that Kashaf will marry with Diana. She can't believe that. Now, she lost everything. Her parents, her grandparents, her love..Kashaf & her best friend...Diana. She's alone right now. She tried to accept her fate. She let everything go cause she know that everything happens with reasons. She will go....forever. She close her eyes & she smile for the last time. She has gone and never come back.

Let's continue with part two :)

Diana asked Kashaf, 'Who's Maya to you? Why she ran away from you? Shaf please tell me why!?' 'I'm sorry Diana. I didn't mean to keep this secret. Let me tell the truth. Maya is my first & last love. She's everything to me. No one else including you. When i wasn't here, my parents found me with many alternatives and ways to bring me back home. Then, they found me at the Maya's house. I'm so happy can meet them. I tought that they weren't force me to marry you but i'm totally wrong. I'm very dissappointed with them. I told them that i've found my love there, Maya. I'm not leaving her. They disagree with my choice. They don't like Maya. They just want you to be my wife. They wanted to harm & kill Maya if i'm not marry you. I've no choice, Diana. I've to follow my parents or Maya will die. I love her so much. I don't want to destroy her life. I left her just like that without telling her anything. I have to....for her own sake and when i came here, i did my work back and marry with you, live with you but the truth is i act like nothing happened but deep inside my heart, i swear to you i miss her so much. That's why i feel shocked when i know that Maya works with you and be your friend. I can't believe she went to this town. When i know that she will come to our house, i feel happy but at the same time i feel guilty to her. I'm very dissappointed with myself because i can't stand behind her when she needs me & leave her with any news, Diana. I wanted to meet her & tell everything but my mind said don't do that. I don't know what to do. I'm lost. said Kashaf & he started to cry. 'Kashaf.....i've made a big mistake. I forced you to marry me. I persuaded your parents to like & accept me but still, i can't get your love. Go & get her dear. I know you're suffering all this time. She's yours & your're hers. 

'Diana, are you serious? I tought you were mad at me, thankyou so much cause you understand me' Kashaf kissed Diana's forehead. Kashaf immediately drove his car to somewhere. He thinked he knew where's Maya now. When Kashaf arrived there, he was looking for Maya in her house. He didn't found anything so he went to the river. Maya was also not there, 'where are you, Maya? please dear, imissyou.' said Kashaf. Suddenly, Kashaf found something when he sat at the river bank. Maya's ring! What happened to her? Was she okay? Kashaf waiting at there till night. Diana worried about him & found him there. 'Kashaf, are you still there? Come dear, let's go home. It's already night.' said Diana. 'I didn't find her, Diana. She is gone. She left me. She threw this ring away. She hate me, Diana' said Kashaf and he cried. 'No, she didn't hate you. Maybe she need some time to think about this. Come & let's go home dear. We'll find her later.' said Diana.

After that day, Kashaf was at her bedroom. He didn't go to work, didn't eat and drink anything. Sometimes Diana has to persuade him to eat. He lost. He just think about Maya. All he want is Maya, no one else. He missed her so much. He remembered all the memories that they did together. Luckily, he has Diana. Diana always take a good care of him. Support him no matter what & she always be with him wherever he goes. But, what all Diana did was not make him fall in love with herself. He still with his way. Upset & can't accept the truth that Maya left him & gone forever. He wanted to find Maya but Diana don't let him go. She said 'if Maya truly loves you, she'll find you.' He's crying as much as he can. He felt dissappointed with himself. He shouldn't left Maya & most importantly he shouldn't marry with Diana. He regret with what have he done. Everyday he cried as much as he can cause he missed Maya so much. He can't see anymore. He blinded. Karma has done to him.

So............where's Maya? will be continue....